Christopher Sunyata coaches people how to lean into intensity while still remaining open and relaxed no matter how challenging life gets, expanding their success at work into success with family and intimate relationships. How you show up in intimate relationships will be reflected in all other areas of your life. Discover how to live from your heart - not through artificial tricks or extra effort, but by living in alignment with your own depth and integrity. Drawing upon decades of practice and study under masters of yoga, Taoist exercises, and Buddhist meditation, Christopher teaches clients how to access their own depth by learning to listen to and trust their body, reclaiming passion and life energy that is their birthright, and creating intimate relationships that deepen in love and chemistry over the years.  

Prior to coaching he was a successful international project manager responsible for over a billion dollars in revenue, a medical device engineer with seven patents, and a ceramic artist.  He has raised four children, two of his own, including one who has significant disabilities. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and Molokai, Hawaii with his wife Karlene.